“Remember… All I’m Offering Is The Truth. Nothing More.”

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“Remember… All I’m Offering Is The Truth. Nothing More.”

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Sniper Trading Mentorship Program Roadmap

Webinar Lecture 1

Opening up your eyes to lies of the Smart Money Market.

Webinar Lecture 2

Key tools for High Probability zones.

Webinar Lecture 3

Learn to spot Inducements within the market.

Webinar Lecture 4

Understanding Market with a Consistent Perspective

Webinar Lecture 5

Avoid Smart Money Traps & learn to spot them.

Webinar Lecture 6

Understanding the behavioral characteristics of each individual sessions.

Webinar Lecture 7

Learn how to understand & capitlise every move on an intraday basis.

Webinar Lecture 8

Gain a deep understanding of the true nature of the Algorithm in the market.

Sniper Trading Founder


Hello, I’m Sniper, Founder of Sniper Trading Fx. After accumulating over 8 years of trading experience, I’ve ventured through every possible strategy. I’ve been in your very shoes of not understanding how the market truly moves.

After all the years of experience & escaping the matrix, the time now has come for me to share my knowledge through the form of my very own Mentorship Program. 

Many have submitted their applications but only the chosen ones will be able to pick the Red Pill & see the market for what it truly is…

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